Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Has your attempt to overturn a removal order failed? Do you need legal help following a denial of your study permit, work permit or employment-based immigration request? Has your request for a study permit, work permit, permanent residence or other status been denied? Did you receive a negative decision on your visa application? Did the Immigration Refugee Board dismiss your appeal of your family members’ application? Let us find the right route to your successful appeal.

While immigration law is complex, an appeal of a refusal can be even more complicated. The appeals process involves different courts and officials and requires the need for a comprehensive understanding of how a decision maker assesses the facts of each case.

MSD Consultant Pakistan, has handled numerous appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division and judicial reviews before the Federal Court.The government of most of the countries provides applicants with the right to appeal most negative rulings. However, you should consult professional counsel as soon as possible as there are strict timelines involved in appealing a refusal. Contact us for timely and effective legal help.

Our skilled Immigration attorneys will provide you with strong, well-written appeals to best help you appeal a decision from the concern Embassy or Consulate.

At MSD Consultant Pakistan, our dedicated immigration attorneys can assist you with your immigration appeal throughout the countries like UK , USA , Canada , Denmark. Contact our office for a free consultation.

Through the immigration appellate process, you may challenge the denial of your visa petition or court case. The immigration appellate process is a complex area of law requiring legal expertise. We are well versed in the dynamics of the appellate process.If your immigration application to enter or remain in the country like UK , USA , Canada is refused or rejected then you may have a right of appeal against this decision to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

Once your immigration application is refused, you will usually have 5 days to lodge an appeal (although this may be up to 28 days in some cases), therefore it is vitally important to seek immigration advice and representation as soon as possible. We are highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of immigration appeals and we would recommend you seek representation immediately.The Immigration and Asylum Chamber is a court system dedicated to immigration and asylum appeals and refusals where your case can be heard by an immigration judge. 

This is your opportunity to get the Home Office or Entry Clearance Officer's negative decision changed as well as your opportunity to put your point of view forward. It is advisable to seek legal represenation to make sure that your voice is heard and documents presented to enable a judge to allow your immigration appeal.

MSD Consultant Pakistan are able to deal with a wide range of immigration appeals and refusals including appeals against the refusal of entry clearance, leave to enter, leave to remain and the curtailment of leave.The areas of work that we deal with include students, partners, spouses, fiancés, visitors and all appeals under the Points-Based System. We can manage your immigration appeal cases in all these areas as well as asylum appeals.


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