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Work Visas are granted to foreign technical and managerial personnel for the purpose of imparting technical know-how and skills to the local population. The duration of work visa is two years.As per Visa Policy cases of grant or extension of Work Visas, and conversion of Business Visas to Work Visas are processed within 4 weeks by BOI.Companies that need to hire foreign nationals should apply online work visa application.


Step 1:

The sponsors registered in Pakistan apply online work visa application to BOI to process their applications alongwith scan copies of following documents.

i. Passport’s consisting of three pages i.e, information, entry and last visa page
ii. Coloured Photographs
iii. Employment agreements
iv. Company’s registration certificate
v. Company profile
vi. Company’s covering letter stating the period of visa required
vii. Confirmation/ guarantee of the credentials of the expatriates by the company on their letter head five sets
viii. Work Visa processing fee US$25 (equal in Pak rupees) for one year work visa. US$50(equal in Pak rupees) for two years work visa processing fees. The amount shall be deposited in the Board of Investment PLS Account No. 44991-2 being maintained with National Bank of Pakistan, Main Branch, Civic Centre, Islamabad.

Step 2:

On receipt of complete documents from sponsors, BOI examines the documents and forwards the case to the concerned quarters for their views / comments.

Step 3

In case views / comments / report is not received within stipulated period of 04 weeks, BOI issues recommendation for the grant / extension / conversion of Business Visa into work visa to Ministry of Interior for issuance of visa advice to Pak-Missions abroad / Regional Passport Offices in Pakistan.

Step 4:

If case is not cleared by the concerned quarters, the work visa is cancelled immediately.


Conversion of Business Visa into Work Visa and vice versa has been allowed on payment of conversion fee of US $100/.

Period of Overstay Overstay Surcharge
up to 2 weeks --
above 2 weeks to 1 month US $ 50/-
above 1 month to 3 months US $ 200/-
above 3 months to 1 year
US $ 400/-


To facilitate travel to and staying in Pakistan for foreign businesspersons and investors, business visa policies have been considerably relaxed. Pakistan Missions abroad are authorized to grant five years validity (multiple entry) visa within 24 hours to businessmen of 66 countries of Business Visa List (BVL), with the duration of each stay would be restricted for three months, on production of any of the following documents:

• Recommendation letter from Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the respective country of the applicant.

• Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization/ Association, in Pakistan.

• Recommendatory letter by Honorary Investment Counsellors of BOI.

• Recommendatory letter from Pakistani Commercial Attaché posted in Pakistan High Commissions / Embassies / Consulates General abroad.

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